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Corporate Information

About Canada Broad Media Inc.

Broad Media is an innovative media company, we provide our clinets all kinds of services in integrated advertising planning scheme, graphic design, 3D design, video advertising design and so on in actively growing markets throughout Canada. Broad Media now has grown by investing and developing sites in high potential urban marketsand suburban areas.

The company has continually outpaced the industry in operational standards, maintenance, and innovation. Broad Media has developed its own widespread business network - recognized as one of the finest and most appealing in the industry.

We can help our clients to publish their designed advertisments on most influential public medias, like native and national newpapers, television platform, and famous media websites of Canada.

Our Culture

We are thinkers. We work with you to expand the power of our medium while exposing the importance of your return. From our mission and beyond, we seek to grow and reinvent ourselves with the help of our customers. We are committed, we listen and our spirit is visionary. We maintain an infectious attitude of joy in our work and pride in our results.