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Our Services

As a full service media company Broad Media provides the same high level of services to each of our clients regardless of their campaign size:

• Media Market Research and Planning
• Integrated Advertising Design Scheme
• Market rides & location analysis
• Video Advertising Design
• Media Buying and Publishing
• 3D Design
• Creative services
• Campaign execution management
• Completion & proof of performance reporting

Which Form of Advertising

When the term "advertising", is mentioned most people think of billboards. And it's easy to see why. These eye-catching structures account for 62 percent of all outdoor advertising spending. Moreover, they offer a high level of visibility.

When you start to look around, you'll notice that there are actually many forms of outdoor advertising - and all of them can deliver impressive results. Broad Media can assist you with them all.

If you have any question or intent, please feel free to ask our Consulting Team.