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Local newspaper advertising often costs a little more than local TV advertising and Internet advertising, but it can be extremely effective for some demographics. Older people tend to have more money to spend and are far more likely to read the newspaper every day than younger people.


Advertising in a local newspaper ensures your ad will be seen by people in your target market. Internet advertising is harder to target locally because of the International nature of the Web.


Printed products are far more tangible and useful to many people than TV advertising. Hearing about a product or a phone number on a TV commercial may be fleeting and leave people trying to remember the message. But people can cut out a newspaper ad and use it when it's convenient to find out more about the business.

Audience Size

While it can be hard to find out exactly how many local people visit a website, you can find out the exact circulation of the local newspaper. This gives you a better idea about the size of the audience you are paying for.


A newspaper ad will be seen by the newspaper demographic--typically well-educated people with average to above-average incomes. This is a great demographic to target, because the people have more disposable income than those in less-educated audiences.


A local newspaper will have posted advertising rates, but there is some negotiation room with smaller newspapers. Talking to the advertising manager or even the publisher may get you a better deal on your advertising or a larger ad for the price you pay.